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  • Homage to the Ancient Ones1:52
  • Into the Maze3:49
  • Departure3:36
  • Within the Rocks1:34
  • Anasazi Journeys3:24

CAUTION: Over-the-counter vitamins, supplements, herbs, and compounding medicines are NOT FDA regulated. That means most have contaminants and can be very detrimental to your health. It is the policy of our practice to recommend only "pharmaceutical grade" nutritional medicines. Your choice to utilize other sources (in particular any Over-the-Counter), which often hold heavy metals, toxins and unhealthy impurities is your sole responsibility. They are risky and unadvised.

SheDoc is not in the business of selling product. Our efforts in providing access to Metagenics, the Gold Standard in supplements,  is our attempt to help you with outstanding quality, safe, medications at an affordable cost. SheDoc has negotiated steep discounts which we pass on to you.

If you buy Metagenics off the Internet not as a prescription through a doctor's office, you are using the black market: either stolen from the manufacture, or concocted in a back room. Either case, you are likely buying tampered product. Beware... would you want to buy your other medicines off the street?

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