We specialize in... State-of-the-Art FAMILY MEDICINE with a Custom Care approach for each individual and the Whole Family. Additionally, we offer Wellness and Preventive Medicine, Nutritional Medicine, Acupuncture, Non-surgical hemorrhoid removal, Joint injections, minor surgery, and dermatological procedures.

We bill all insurances, in network with most.
We see both men and women including kids.
We love working with all ages and families.

Patient Comments...

The Doctor you never thought you would find. EXCELLENT PLUS!
Dr. Clarke has the best credentials of any primary care doctor in North Phoenix. She determined my problem in just a few visits when 8 other doctors did not have a clue and said so. My kids love her. My wife will not see anyone else. Try her out. You will feel the same.

Best Doctor in Moon Valley!!!
She rocks! I went to doctor after doctor for two years. She was able to diagnose me in two visits. She put me on a treatment plan and my symptoms have all gone away. The people in the waiting room couldn't stop talking about her. One person said she drives 2 and half hours each way to see her.

Found the Problem and Fixed IT!
I'm a Registered Nurse and always thought I could figure out my own health problems.... but not so. I like this Doctor. She is very matter of fact and analytical. Asked me dozens of questions about my symptoms, family history and lifestyle, then did dozens of tests. Zeroed in on the abnormal results and then offered me 2 options: "prescription medicine" or "change your bad lifestyle ways". I chose the latter and am much happier and healthy for it. I will go back to this one.

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SheDoc Integrative Family Practice

  ...wisdom from Harvard, The Mayo, and Berkeley, making people healthier and happier.

  Our mission: To inspire and nurture the human spirit while working toward wellness and wholeness -- one person, one visit at a time.

14435 N 7th St, Ste 300-B, Phoenix, AZ 85022



Many individuals and families in Phoenix have come to know our clinic as their

"Medical Home."


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Dr. Clarke is one of 13 honored by

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