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     Welcome to SheDoc Integrative Family Practice! We are a Primary Care Medical Home, eager for you to be healthy and happy to your full potential. Firstly, we want you to register on our website: Our website will be an important part of your care: scheduling appointments, finding resources, contacting our office, receiving and paying your outstanding bill,or example. When you register you are given a person patient portal address. This ensures complete confidentiality and access 24x7.  Don't worry, those who do not have a computer are accommodated as well.

        It is important for all new patients to be thoroughly evaluated. To prepare for your initial visit, please complete the website registration. PRINT all the New Patient History documents.  Give thought as you complete the history. We need a list of all the medications (including supplements) you take, along with the dose and how often you take each of them. We also need to know the name and fax number of all the medical providers you have seen in the last 3 years.

        Your initial appointment will be a detailed Medical History with Dr. Clarke. Most people are impressed by how thorough and welcoming she is. Our clinic feels like a second home to some. We want you to know you have found a place you can trust; where you feel heard and respected. Your second appointment, in about a week, will include a Head-to-Toe (HTT) exam. More comprehensive, no doubt, than you have had. Dr. Clarke will order appropriate blood work, radiology, and studies specifically for you. Please obtain 1 month supply of current medication from your prior doctor. Once all the labs results are back, she can refill appropriate medications. About two weeks later, you will meet with Dr. Clarke to learn the results of all the tests and design a plan for your acute, chronic, and wellness needs.

        Now that you are a patient of ours, you need never go to an urgent care or emergency department for primary care again. If you wake up ill, you will be seen that day. Chronic issues will be followed by a mutually agreed upon plan. You will find effective support and lots of new resources to improve your daily path to health, happiness, and wellness. We look forward to meeting your healthcare needs.

Practice Policies:

  • Complete honesty is expected. In return complete confidentiality is given, to the extent the law and insurance companies permit.
  • We ask that you be prompt in arriving to you scheduled appointments. We do our best to closely adhere to you appointment time as we understand how valuable you time is as well. Patients that arrive late may be asked to reschedule. If you need to cancel an appointment, please reschedule at least Twenty-Four hours in advance, not including weekends. We need time to schedule other patients with urgent needs, otherwise you will be charged forty dollars ($40). A Monday appointment, for example, requires a Friday cancellation, not Saturday. You can do this on our website.
  • It is YOUR responsibility to know the rules of your particular insurance policy including co-pays, co-insurance, deductible, specific lab requirements, pre-authorization expectations, etc. We do not have access to the details of your policy; it is a matter solely between you and your chosen insurance company. Payment is expected at the time of service. We do bill insurance companies as a service to our patients, but it is essential that the insurance information you provide us is accurate and up-to-date. Please be aware that you are financially responsible for a balance not covered by your insurance. You can do this on our website. All co-pays and deductibles are due at time of service. If not, a $10 service fee is added. We accept cash, check, HSA/FSA cards, and most major credit cards. There is a $35 fee for any "bounced checks." All bills are considered past due 30 days after date of service at which time a 2.5% monthly interest will begin. Should it become necessary to initiate 3rd party collection proceedings for unpaid account balances, 33.3 percent of your balance will be added to total amount due. Any additional collection and attorney fees will also be added to your total balance. Our Billing Department can answer questions regarding your billing questions, and in some cases, establish payment plans with you.
  • Treatment plans are a cooperative venture between patient and physician. Medicine is an imperfect science and ultimately we each are responsible for our own personal emotional, spiritual, and physical health. Mutual cooperation is the cornerstone of this practice; therefore, your input is essential in our work together, as well as your follow through. We are a Primary Care Practice, not a telemed service. In order to evaluate the continued appropriateness of a medicine, you will need to make an appointment for all medicine refills. We suggest with at least 30 days prior to running out.
  • Over-the-counter supplements, herbs, and compounding medicines are NOT FDA regulated. That means most have contaminants and can be very detrimental to your health. It is the policy of this practice to recommend only "pharmaceutical grade" nutritional medicines. Your choice to utilize other medicines which may hold heavy metals or other toxins, interact with other medicines or foods, is your sole responsibility. They are risky.

I/we have received, read and understand the Notice of Privacy Practices for SHEDOC, PLLC. By my/our signature below I/we consent to treatment of myself/my minor child by SheDoc, PLLC. I authorize the release of any medical or other information necessary for treatment, or public health, and payment of government or third party benefits directly to SheDoc, PLLC or her agents. I understand I am totally responsible for what my insurance company does not cover. In the event action is brought hereof, SheDoc, PLLC shall be entitled to recover collection  fees, all court costs, and attorney fees. If this account is referred for collection, I/we agree to pay all collection costs in addition the balance owed.

Date: _________________________________________________

Signature: ___________________________________________

Print name: __________________________________________

Patient must have a signed copy of this agreement in their file before treatment can be given.


  • Homage to the Ancient Ones1:52
  • Into the Maze3:49
  • Departure3:36
  • Within the Rocks1:34
  • Anasazi Journeys3:24

Please Print each of these forms,  complete, and bring to your initial visit.

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